iSpring Solutions for E-Learning

iSpring provides solutions for the whole e-learning process, from authoring to delivery.

iSpring e-learning authoring tools allow quick and easy creation of captivating e-learning courses in the familiar PowerPoint environment. iSpring Online, the hosted LMS that is tightly integrated with the iSpring e-learning authoring tool, allows for the sharing courses with just a click of a mouse. Of course, iSpring-created courses are ready for delivery via any SCORM/AICC-compatible LMS.

The creation of a successful e-learning course may be pretty time-consuming. iSpring solutions for e-learning authoring are focused on making the technical side of the e-learning process as easy and accessible as possible.

With iSpring, authors can concentrate on the creation of informative and enjoyable content instead of focusing on mastering software. iSpring not only provides the facility to turn your content into an e-learning course, but also enables you to present your content in the most effective way and immediately deliver it online.

iSpring for of the entire
e-learning development cycle:

With the support of virtually all PowerPoint features provided, iSpring opportunities for e-learning course creation go far beyond basic PowerPoint functionality. Along with information, usually given by means of PowerPoint, an effective e-learning course implies elements like interactivity, personal approach and learning effectiveness monitoring, all made possible by iSpring.

When it comes to content delivery, iSpring meets the expectations of both authors who are already using a certain Learning Management System (LMS) and those who are looking for a place to upload their e-learning courses to.

iSpring generates content that can be easily uploaded to any SCORM/AICC-compatible LMS, including the popular BlackBoard LMS. With iSpring Online, the iSpring LMS that is integrated with the iSpring authoring tool, course delivery is made unbelievably easy. Delivery is accomplished with a single click of a mouse through the iSpring interface in PowerPoint. iSpring Online, both easy-to-use and functional, provides handy content and user management and 13 report types to choose from. New PowerPoint to HTML5 technology makes it possible to view your e-learning presentations on iPad.

Easy e-Learning Authoring with iSpring

Because PowerPoint is great and widely used tool for presenting information, most authors usually have their e-learning content arranged as PowerPoint presentations. With iSpring, turning a PowerPoint presentation into a complete e-learning course quick and surprisingly simple - no special computer skills or knowledge required from the author. Installed as a PowerPoint add-in, iSpring is exceedingly handy, providing access to it's easy to learn and use interface within the familiar PowerPoint environment.

Captivate through storytelling
with iSpring:

  • Insert YouTube videos
  • Record voice-overs
  • Create video narrations sync video with slides and animations

Thanks to the unique AccuPoint™ technology, iSpring provides the best in class PowerPoint to Flash conversion. This allows iSpring to keep an author's original idea undistorted, by preserving virtually all PowerPoint effects.

Along with the exceptional conversion accuracy, iSpring AccuPoint™ makes Flash e-learning courses up to 97% more compact than original PowerPoint presentations, which is great for delivery via an LMS.

iSpring for Captivating e-Learning Process

Captivate through storytelling with iSpring. The most sophisticated e-learning professionals share the opinion that engaging the audience through storytelling contributes considerably to more effective learning. iSpring supports this authoritative opinion by providing advanced features that help enrich e-learning courses with absorbing stories. Many people online may be sharing useful information or telling stories related to your subject. Involve them in your e-learning course by inserting a YouTube video easily and quickly with iSpring.

With iSpring, you can record a voice-over to the presentation and synchronize it accurately. Recording a video narration is another great opportunity to engage people by personalizing the course/lecture. Information received from this particular person on the screen seems to be more reliable and persuasive than information presented by a vague person staying behind the scenes.

Moreover, video narrated courses stimulate knowledge retention not only through the flow of information but also through visual means like gestures, facial expressions, appearance and the voice of the presenter.

Video narrations can also be synchronized with slides and even animations. Video modes can be switched easily allowing you to keep a small video in the corner, emphasize to half of the player or have it take up most of the screen.

Interactivity That Builds Rapport. Delivering your e-learning content remotely, it is very important to keep the sensation of personal attitude, establish a dialog and receive feedback. iSpring provides several means of interaction to build rapport with viewers.

The best way to find out a user's opinion or check his or her knowledge is to ask. iSpring allows you to ask through quiz creation opportunities. Add several challenging question sin the beginning of your course to
engage the user into taking this course or insert quizzes at the end of each topic to check the learning effectiveness.

Interactivity that builds rapport:

  • Create quizzes
  • Make most of PowerPoint interactivity opportunities
  • Insert flash movies

You can take advantage of the basic PowerPoint functionality, including hyperlinks and trigger animations, to interact with the user. Use hyperlinks to direct the learner through the course or refer to an external source for more information.

Have the presentation respond to some user's actions with the help of trigger animations. The interactivity you create will be preserved accurately by iSpring, one of the few e-learning software vendors supporting trigger interactivities.

Another useful feature of iSpring is the ability to insert Flash movies that can also add interactivity to your course. Interactive Flash movies may present the same information in graphic form, which contributes to more effective learning. An entertaining flash movie, embedded into an e-learning course, helps distract a user from monotonous textual learning, take a break and relax.

iSpring for Rapid and Secure Delivery

Uploaded online, e-learning courses demand protection against unwanted editing, disclosure or theft. iSpring generates e-learning courses in Flash format that itself provides certain content protection, compared to PowerPoint presentations. In addition, iSpring provides advanced protection features including protection with a custom watermark, password protection and domain restriction.

As for iSpring-generated e-learning course, it can just as well be uploaded to virtually any SCORM/AICC-compliant LMS, including BlackBoard. iSpring authoring tools provide a variety of learning course settings and flexible quiz scoring that will help monitor users' activity and performance once the course is published to an LMS.

iSpring Solutions for e-Learning

iSpring Online

  • iSpring LMS for online content delivery
    and tracking
  • Content management
  • 13 report types
  • Users and group management
  • Customization
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iSpring Suite

  • Flash course authoring in PowerPoint
  • Audio and Video narration recording
  • Quiz and Survey authoring
  • Interaction creation
  • Content protection features
  • Upload content to any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
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iSpring e-Learning Rocket

  • One-click publishing to iSpring Online LMS from PowerPoint
  • All of iSpring Suite functionality for rapid e-learning authoring
  • All iSpring Online features for course sharing and tracking
  • Flexible subscription pricing
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