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iSpring Pro. Presentations for Everyone

Presentations – a truly universal language for business communications. A rare lecture can be done without presentation materials. Presentations – the best way to promote nearly everything. OK, all above was commonplace, but what is not commonplace: we had no good instrument to make pretty presentations AND to share them through e-mail, web-sites and other media. This is because PowerPoint (and other similar tools) creates presentation files, which are huge and require PowerPoint to view them (OK, the last versions formally can produce stand-alone presentation files, but those would be VERY huge and slow). Adobe Flash is a good format for Internet-ready presentations, but making a presentation in Flash requires even more skills, than making it with PowerPoint. Where is the golden medium?

Dan Thayer

iSpring makes converting PowerPoint to Flash extremely easy! There are enough options to satisfy even the pickiest user. iSpring is a leader in the PowerPoint to Flash market.

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You see, I said previously that “we HAD no good instrument”, but now we HAVE: iSpring Pro. This handy tool embeds itself into PowerPoint and allows converting any publication into an Internet-ready Flash file. The software supports almost all PowerPoint features (sliding effects and animations, decorations, hyperlinks, and so on), and allows the creation of stand-alone exe-files, as well as .swf, which you can easily embed into your web-pages. As for .swf, the program can create either a single file with the presentation or one file per slide. iSpring Pro can even add navigation buttons to your presentation.

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