New impressive feature of iSpring LMS: Folders

Digital folders

With thousands people all over the world who prefer e-Lerning to traditional education, it is vital to make tools for distance learning as convenient as possible.

And that is exactly what iSpring does when presenting new impressive features of its hosted LMS. With the new features released, the e-Learning process went easy both for tutors and for learners.

Check it out!

  1. Folders updates:
    • assign folders for studying and share them with users
    • copy access permissions to a content item or folder
    • subfolders inherit parent folder permissions
    Take a few minutes to read a short how-to
  2. User Portal updates:
    • divide materials into “To Do”, “Optional” and “Completed”
    • see the course duration
    • use the search field to find the content item needed (either by tag or by file name)
    • make public content available via direct links
  3. Multiple update of users’ information

Would you like to test these improvements by yourself?
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Enjoy versatility of new iSpring features!

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