iSpring Presenter 7 Is Released: The Comprehensive E-Learning Tool You’ve Always Dreamed About

Great news for everyone who wants to make interactive and effective e-Learning courses for mobile devices! We’ve just released the new iSpring Presenter 7!With this new amazing tool, your PowerPoint presentations can be easily equipped with video narrations, voice overs, quizzes and surveys, and all of the above can be played on both desktops and mobile devices of all kinds. Let’s see how iSpring Presenter makes it happen:

Mobile Courses from PowerPoint

The new Presenter 7 allows you to convert PowerPoint to the mobile-friendly HTML5 format as well as to Flash, while providing flawless support of all PowerPoint features: animations, transitions, triggers, hyperlinks and more.1In essence, we have preserved our tried-and-true PPT to Flash conversion quality and added the HTML5 output so that you can create mobile courses.In addition to the support of PowerPoint’s advanced effects, iSpring Presenter provides multiple first-class e-Learning features to make your mobile courses even more effective and engaging.

Video Narrations and Voice Overs

As usual, iSpring Presenter allows you to supplement your courses with video and audio narrations, so that you can add your own comments to each slide of your course with the convenient built-in Narration Editor.2With the new Narration Editor, the creation of presenter video is even more intuitive and flexible, even for first time users. The quality and flexibility of this easy-to-use iSpring Narration Editor can be compared to professional narration recording programs.

Interactive Mobile Quizzes

What makes iSpring Presenter unique is the built-in iSpring QuizMaker 7. The newly released QuizMaker 7 allows you to equip your courses with challenging mobile-ready quizzes and provides this essential set of features:
  • 23 graded and non-graded question categories
  • Questions with images, equations, audio and video
  • Branching scenarios
  • Customizable feedback messages
Also, QuizMaker 7 provides multiple advanced new features to make your quizzes truly outstanding:Boosted Quiz Editor: The improved Quiz Editor now allows you group, link and flexibly randomize questions. Plus, it features advanced audio and video settings.Customizable Slide Look: Now you can customize the design of each question, including its layout, colors, fonts and backgrounds.Flexible Scoring System: To make quizzes more effective, you can take advantage of multiple scoring settings: set time limitations for each question, assign a penalty for incorrect answers and more.3

Fully-customizable Course Player

After publishing with iSpring Presenter 7, your e-Learning courses will be displayed in a functional player that can be easily fine-tuned to your taste. You can change color scheme, adjust your layout and panels, as well as edit text labels.customize-playerWhat’s cool about the new player is that it can flexibly adjust to different screen sizes, so that your course looks perfect on any device.

Enhanced LMS Support

Created with iSpring Presenter 7, your e-Learning courses can be easily uploaded to any LMS. You can publish your courses in compliance with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, Blackboard and Tin Can.5

Save Your Time and Money

As you may already know, iSpring Presenter 7 is a combination of iSpring Pro 7 and iSpring QuizMaker 7. In iSpring Presenter, these two authoring tools are tightly integrated to provide seamless e-Learning authoring.iSpring Presenter gives you  quick access to all features of both tools. This saves not only time, but also money, as iSpring Presenter costs less than the two tools purchased separately.Have you had the chance to give iSpring Presenter 7 a test drive yet? What do you think about it? Post your comments below.
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