iSpring Free has been released!

iSpring Free contains our best experience in rich media technology and innovative solutions that are available for everyone now! “Quick publish”, “Smart” compression and “All in one Flash file” publishing plus professional conversion engine make iSpring the best free solution for PowerPoint to Flash conversion.

Lots of people want to know why it is free? No secret. We want millions of people try quality of iSpring in their PowerPoint. iSpring has been built on FlashSpring Pro engine and provides the same Easy, Fast and High Quality PowerPoint to Flash conversion.


Effective design of the iSpring makes publishing very simple. “Quick publish” button allows you to convert your PowerPoint presentation to Flash in one click without worrying about your settings, the previous ones will be applied to your presentation by default.


iSpring saves the reputation of one of the fastest PowerPoint to Flash tools capable to generate extremely compact Flash content. You don’t need to worry about generated Flash file size “Smart” compression will do it for you. It optimizes the size of your presentation striving to provide the highest quality of multimedia content.

High Quality

Accurate conversion is a number one iSpring priority. It concentrates our wide rich media experience and innovative technology. You get all in one Flash file. iSpring Free saves your presentation to a solid movie with all of the slides, external resources and Player embedded in a single file.

We believe that iSpring Free will be valuable contribution to Internet social activity development and it will help in sharing ideas and establishing effective communication between people, cultures and businesses!

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4 comments on “iSpring Free has been released!
  1. Gila says:

    Why it stopped working for me after couple of times?

  2. Pkumar says:

    I have used thsi really fast and nice conversion

  3. Jo says:

    Tempting fate to say “idiot proof” but certainly quick and easy……

  4. Michael Langdon says:

    I just found this program and it is by far the best program that I have used. I have been looking for sometime for a program like this. It retained all my animations and even imported and converted my flash and windows media videos. Plus, you can change the navigation from scrubber to a gallery style navigation tool that is very responsive and agrees with the research on navigation usability. Wonderful program.

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