iSpring customers compare notes

We’re always curious about what other people think. Anticipating your curiosity we’re here to share some of our clients’ reviews. Here is just a couple of remarkable examples.

iSpring is loved by thousands of people from all over the world for its versatile set of features and ease of use. Take a look at these people and their experience with iSpring software and be inspired!

Seamless PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion


“I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had developed a modern version of their software that uses HTML5 vs. Flash. I downloaded the free trial from their site, installed it, and opened my PowerPoint presentation. The ease of use of this plug-in is impeccable, I simply navigated to the iSpring tab and clicked “Publish”. I was then presented with a variety of options to choose from in terms of how I would like the presentation to look. iSpring provides you with the ability to have a slide overview sidebar with optional notes for each slide.“

- Matthew May

You will find the full review by Matthew May with a couple of cool iSpring-created presentations here.

Extremely easy-to-use


“In the past, it would take hundreds of hours of studying computer programming and game design to create the kind of software I’m able to build in PowerPoint. iSpring software opens the world of computer programming to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The button for converting a presentation is streamlined into Microsoft PowerPoint so I can easily create Flash whenever I’m ready. Once the file is finished converting, I can immediately upload it on a website or use it on my computer for class.”

- Elliott Hindman

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