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iSpring Suite is the ultimate eLearning authoring toolkit that ensures seamless eLearning development within PowerPoint. With iSpring Suite, you can easily turn your PowerPoint projects into professional, media-rich, secure eLearning courses, ready for LMS delivery. Here’s why iSpring Suite is the best-in-class tool for easy eLearning authoring.

Shannon Hicks

I LOVE iSpring because it helped transform our learning course into a national e-learning platform which has blessed our company with substantial revenues in 4 short months.

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  1. Work within Familiar PowerPoint

    iSpring Suite is installed as a PowerPoint add-in and it adds a special tab to PowerPoint’s ribbon. With the ‘iSpring Pro’ tab you can easily access iSpring functionality while fine-tuning your eLearning course in PowerPoint.

    iSpring toolbar

    iSpring Suite greatly supports PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and 2010. For PowerPoint 2010 users, iSpring is the only eLearning authoring tool available in both 32- and 64-bit editions.

  2. The Best PowerPoint to Flash Conversion

    iSpring Suite uses iSpring AccuPoint technology that ensures accurate conversion of virtually all animations and transition effects, timings, hyperlinks, and embedded videos. In short, your Flash presentation will look exactly as its PowerPoint original, only now it will be a much more compact file easily unloadable to your website, blog or LMS.

    Check out how iSpring perfectly handles the most sophisticated PowerPoint presentations: Attention Grabber by Eyeful Presentations and m62 Trailer by m62 visual communications.

  3. Great Functionality beyond PowerPoint

    In addition to its great support of PowerPoint functions, iSpring provides many advanced features beyond PowerPoint. E-Learning developers can turn PowerPoint presentations into professional, high-impact eLearning courses thanks to iSpring’s set of features:

    • Easily Record or Import Audio and Video Narrations

      With iSpring Suite you can easily record or import an audio or video narration for your eLearning course. Narrations help you keep your own approach to presenting and make your course more engaging.

      Record video narration

      A convenient Narration Editor by iSpring allows you to sync audio and video narrations with animations and slides, control volume and trim audio and video. Another unique synchronization feature of Narration Editor is the ability to easily sync a single audio or video narration with the entire presentation.

      iSpring Narration Editor

    • Rapidly Create Engaging Quizzes and Surveys

      iSpring Suite includes QuizMaker, a powerful tool for developing interactive quizzes, math tests and surveys.QuizMaker provides 23 different question categories, including advanced questions, such as Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice Text and Word Bank, Hotspot.

      iSpring QuizMaker toolbar

      iSpring-created quizzes are highly customizable – you can set the number of points awarded for each question, define the passing score, shuffle questions and answers. To make quizzes more informative and engaging, you can provide answer-specific feedback, add blank slides for more details and control your quiz with branching scenarios. Also you can supplement questions and answers with video, audio, images and formulas.

      Quiz results can be sent to email, web server or LMS.

    • Seamlessly Design Captivation Interactions

      Thanks to built-in Kinetics tool, you can create interactive content within your iSpring Suite. iSpring Kinetics provides beautifully-designed templates for creating iSpring interactions.

      iSpring Kinetics on iSpring Pro toolbar

      The Kinetics tool currently includes 4 interaction types: 3D Book, Directory, FAQ, Timeline. iSpring interactions can be published within your eLearning course or as a standalone Flash files.

  4. Advanced Protection

    If your presentation contains highly confidential data or just some information you would like to keep protected, iSpring Suite will make sure it’s safe. The tool provides four advanced protection options: watermark, password, time restriction and domain restriction.

  5. Complete Control over Your Flash Output

    With iSpring Suite, you can easily customize the final look for your Flash presentations or eLearning course. You can easily the duration, layouts and order of your slides, create or import information about presenters and add your company logo. In addition, iSpring provides a fully-customizable Streamline player, where you can choose your corporate colors, change layouts and add or remove buttons.

    Streamline player customization

  6. Seamless Delivery of your E-Learning

    iSpring-created eLearning courses are SCORM-compliant and they can be seamlessly delivered via virtually any Learning Management System. iSpring Suite is perfectly compatible with BlackBoard LMS. You can download a building block to upload your iSpring-created courses right from your BlackBoard.

    By using iSpring Learn to deliver your eLearning courses, you can upload courses to the LMS straight from iSpring Suite and receive detailed user activity reports.

  7. Perfect price/quality ratio

    Our pricing policy proves that amazing quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With iSpring tools you get the best PowerPoint to Flash conversion on the market for a very moderate price. Click to visit iSpring Store. We provide flexible educational and non-profit discounts.

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