Creating Flashcards in PowerPoint using Trigger Animations

Microsoft PowerPoint is much more than just a presentation tool. It provides a wide variety of options for giving information and helping people process it and memorize the most important points.

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PowerPoint can help you re-create standard learning techniques in a much more engaging and effective way than ever before. Let’s think of the most popular learning tool. How about Flashcards? Flashcards have always been a great learning tool, so let’s try creating a set of interactive, virtual flash cards using trigger animations in PowerPoint.

Insert the “clue” pictures on your slide. Go to Insert→Pictures and choose your images.

  1. Insert the “clue” pictures on your slide. Go to InsertPictures and choose your images Picture 1: Add flash card clues to a PowerPoint slide
  2. Insert the “answer” pictures onto your slide, then right-click them and select Send to Back so that they are hidden behind the “clue” pictures.Picture 2: Add flash card answers to a PowerPoint slide

    Tip: You may also turn on Selection Pane to give distinct names to objects on a slide (HomeSelectSelection Pane).

  3. Create a Flip Custom Animation effect for each pair of pictures. This effect can be built with the Collapse Exit effect and the Stretch Entrance effect. Get a more detailed description on how to create these effects in the article Building a Flip Custom Animation Effect in PowerPoint.Picture 3: Animate flash card flips in PowerPoint
  4. Select the “clue” picture as a trigger for all four pictures and all four animations (16 animations in total), as shown in the screenshot below.Picture 4: Use PowerPoint triggers to animate flash cards
  5. To preview your flash cards, go to Slide ShowFrom Current Slide. And that’s it! Each of your images is ready to click and flip to show the student the correct answer.Picture 5: Preview flash cards in PowerPoint

Click a photo to see a bird’s name

Created with iSpring Converter Pro

Creating Flash cards is just one of the many ways to create wonderful learning materials by simply using trigger animations in Microsoft PowerPoint. We’ve made just one sample slide, but there is no limit to human imagination, and a great variety of features such as these can bring your ideas to life.

This sample presentation is available for download in PowerPoint and Flash formats. Use the links below to download:

Click to download .PPTX

Click to download .SWF

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