Connie Malamed Unlocks eLearning Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Connie MalamedLast week Connie Malamed - an eLearning, information and visual designer - published the most up-to-date review of iSpring authoring tools on her web site "The eLearning Coach". "One of the best kept secrets in our industry is the line of products made by iSpring." - starts Connie Malamed. However she unlocks the secret immediately, stating several unique advantages of iSpring: "Their authoring tools have a reputation for solid-engineering. They provide lots of functionality for creating online PowerPoint courses in Flash. And they are priced to fit most budgets."The article continues with an overview of iSpring's "lots of functionality" marked by Connie. At the end of her review, Connie Malamed gives a conclusion that iSpring Suite is "not only a good place to start, it's a good tool to have in your collection."We believe that iSpring isn't so much a secret already. What do you think?
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