iSpring Academic License

The flexible Academic Licensing Program makes iSpring software affordable for both educators and students to learn, collaborate, and interact. Basic pricing is provided below. iSpring is always open to discuss custom licensing options upon request.

iSpring Suite

Single License Save $279
$697 $418
3 Licenses Save $1,033
$2,091 $1,058
5 Licenses Save $1,855
$3,485 $1,630

iSpring Pro

Single License Save $199
$497 $298
3 Licenses Save $736
$1,491 $755
5 Licenses Save $1,354
$2,485 $1,131

iSpring QuizMaker

Single License Save $159
$397 $238
3 Licenses Save $588
$1,191 $603
5 Licenses Save $1,094
$1,985 $891

Purchasing for your institution?

iSpring offers a special Academic Site License for educational customers that makes it possible to equip the entire school or university with iSpring software. The Site License includes additional licenses for teachers to run iSpring on their home computer or laptop to prepare for their classes. Contact iSpring Sales for more details on the Academic Site License.


Customers meeting the criteria below are eligible to acquire an iSpring Academic License:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Administrative Offices & Boards of Education
  • Teachers, Faculty and Staff
  • Students
  • Public Libraries
  • Public Museums

Next Steps

To take advantage of the Academic License discount, please fill out this form and an iSpring Sales representative will get back to you shortly. You will need to provide valid verification of your academic status.

Already own an educational version of iSpring?

Contact iSpring Sales for special upgrade pricing depending on the version you currently have.

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