Uploading your course or quiz to Moodle

With the iSpring Suite bundle or the iSpring QuizMaker standalone product, you can convert your PowerPoint presentation or quiz to a web-friendly format (Flash or HTML5). After the conversion you are welcome to upload it to any learning management system (LMS) that is SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliant. For example, you can upload your e-Learning content to Moodle, the well-known course management system (CMS). We will help you – just follow these easy steps:

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  1. 1

    Before uploading files, login to your account in Moodle.

  2. 2

    In the right top corner of the screen click "Turn editing on" to start working in Edit mode.

  3. 3

    From the drop-down list choose SCORM/AICC to add an Activity.

    Upload to Moodle: Add SCORM/AICC activity
  4. 4

    Put in general information about your course and click "Choose or upload a file".

    Upload to Moodle: Describe your course
  5. 5

    Choose a .ZIP file created by iSpring Suite or QuizMaker and upload it to Moodle.

    Upload to Moodle: Chose your zipped file
  6. 6

    When you are done you'll see a message that your file was uploaded successfully.

    Message that successfully uploaded to Moodle
  7. 7

    You can always find your file in "Site Administration" --> "Front Page" --> "Site files"

    Find your file in Site Administration