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Method: addSmartGroup

Permissions to


Run the Request

Account Owner, Account Administrators, Department


Administrators, or


 custom roles


credentials (required)credentialsRead the description of the Credentials object
name (required)stringThe name of a new smart group. 
rules (required)array

The list of a smart group rules.

attributeType (required)int

Can have the following values:

  • 1— department

  • 2 — group

  • 3 — user profile field

attributeId (optional)stringThe user field ID. Should be filled out only if attributeType is 3.
operator (required)int

For departments:

  • 1 — a single department without any daughter departments 
  • 2 — a department and all its daughter departments 

For groups and user fields:

  • always 1
value (required)string

For departments:

  • the department ID

For groups:

  • the group ID

For user profile fields:

  • the user profile field value (for example, the value for the Last Name field is Smith)

Note: for the Country field, use the country ID, not its name. The country ID can be obtained with the Getting User Profile Fields method.