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Apart from the standard roles, feel free to create roles with individual limitations and permissions. Custom roles can be created by the Account Owner and Account Administrators.

To add a custom role:

  1. Head to Users and open the Roles tab. There, click New Role.

  2. On the New Role page, enter its name and a brief description of what users within this role will be permitted to do.

  3. Then, you can choose which sections the users will have access to by selecting the options under Access Permissions. For example, you can add a new System Administrator role and permit users assigned to this role to view the users' list.  

  4. The new custom role will appear in the roles list and you can assign it to your users. 

    When a user with the System Administrator role logs in to the account, they will see only a list of users belonging to their department, as well as the messages option, which is needed for chatting with them.

    Users who, according to their role settings, have access to the list of courses, see all available courses, no matter who added it or whom it's been assigned.

    If users don't have permission to view content according to their role parameters, they won't see even the courses they are enrolled in.

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