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In the Settings section, open the Additional Options tab and select User Profile Settings. Here you can manage user profile fields, change their order, and make them either required or optional. 

Adding a New Field

To add a new field:

1. Click on the Click to add a new field line under the list of existing fields.

2. Type a name for the new field and click Enter on the keyboard.

3. Choose a field type from the drop-down menu: Text (a plain text field) or Country (a list of countries; can be used only once). 

Text Learners enter in the field any text they like.
Unique Text

Users can enter only a unique value in the field.


Students can type their phone number in the +1XXXXXXXXXX format.

       4. Select the checkbox in the Required column if you want to make this field required to fill out.

       5. Finally, click Save.


Arranging Fields Order

To change the order of user account fields, drag and drop the field name.

Editing Fields

To edit an existing field:

  1. Click the Edit icon in the field row.
  2. Edit the field.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes or Cancel to roll back.

Field ID

Under the field name, you can find the Field ID. The Field ID can be used as a variable in certificates and emails. It is automatically replaced with the variable value.

You can specify any field ID for all new custom fields that you create or edit. The ID can't be changed if the field type is Email, First Name, Last Name, Login, Job Title, or Country.

When you insert variables in the emails, use % sign before and after the variable (%FIRST_NAME%). To learn more about using variables in certificates, please read the Creating a certificate article. 

Deleting Fields

To delete a user account field:

  1. Click the Delete icon in the field row on the right and confirm the deletion.

  2. In the Remove field window, confirm your decision.

The following fields cannot be deleted: Login, Email, First Name, Last Name, Job title.

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