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To send users an invitation to view the course:

  1. On the Manage course page, open the Invite tab. 

  2. Add users who will receive the email invitations to view the course.

    You can invite all the users of a specific organization. Choose an organization in the Organization list and tick Choose all users in organization

    Also, feel free to specify the groups of users who will get the invitations. To do this, check needed groups in the Groups window. 

    Add individual users who will receive the invitations. Start entering the name, last name, or email in the Users window. Left-click the right name to select. 

    Send out invitations to the users who are not registered at the LMS yet. To do this, enter the user's email or a few emails separated with commas in the Emails window and edit the message the users will receive. 

    If the course is private, specify whether the users who follow the link will have to register. 
    If the Log on automatically via invitation link is not ticked, the users who will follow the link will have to sign up. To let the users view the course without registration, tick Log on automatically via invitation link

  3. Click the Send invitation button.

  4. The users will receive an email invitation and follow the link to access the course.

If you see a warning that the system failed to send invitation emails to some of the users, make sure that all email addresses are typed correctly. If all addresses are correct, but the emails still fail to be sent, contact our Support Team.

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