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Webinars are educational events that are held online. This format is very convenient as it can bring employees from different cities and countries together.

Account Owner, Account Administrator, Department Administrator, Publisher, and a user with a custom role enabled to create trainings can all add new webinars. 

Here's how to set one up:

  1. Go to the Trainings section and click Add Training.

  2. Fill in all fields with the details of the training. In the Training format field, select Webinar. Then, click Save.

    Field name


    Training themeThe theme length cannot exceed 255 characters. The theme might be not unique.
    Start date

    You can select any start date for your webinar, both past and future. Creating a webinar with a past date will come in handy if the training has already ended and you need to account for it in a report. 

    If you created a webinar with a past date, its status will be Completed.

    The status of a Zoom meeting created with a past date will be Not started yet. To make the training appear as completed in the reports, start and end the Zoom meeting.

    DurationEstimated meeting duration.
    Training formatChoose Webinar.
    Webinar access link

    Add a link that will be used by your participants to join the webinar. 

    If you want to create a Zoom meeting, learn how to do this in the 'Creating a Zoom Meeting' article.


    Specify the maximum number of training participants allowed. If you leave the field empty, the number of allowed participants will be unlimited.

    This field is optional and can remain empty.


    The user who created the webinar is the default training organizer.

    The training creator can select a new organizer, a user from departments they manage or their sub-departments. 

    Account Owner, Account Administrator, Department Administrator, Publisher, or a user with a custom role enabled to view trainings can all be assigned as an organizer.

    After the training has been created, the organizer will receive a notification about having been assigned as a webinar organizer. The organizer will also be notified of any changes made to the training.

    The link to contact the organizer will be displayed on the training page in the user portal and participants will be able to contact them.

  3. Some new tabs will appear on the training page:
       • Outline
       • General
       • Notifications
       • Completion
       • Participants

  4. The webinar will appear on the calendar. It will be available to the training creator and users who pertain to the departments they manage and their sub-departments.

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