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Request: POST /enrollment


  1. This method only allows you to enroll users in courses. You can't enroll a user in a training using this method.

  2. With this method, you can enroll a user in a course containing a training, but without selecting a session to attend. The user will be able to choose a session in their portal.

Permissions to Run the Request

The Account Owner, Account Administrators, Department Administratorsor custom roles

Department Administrators, and users with a custom role can enroll in courses only learners belonging to the departments they manage and their sub-departments.

Request Headers

X-Auth-Account-Url (required)The base URL of the account, e.g.
X-Auth-Email (required)The login of the Account OwnerAccount AdministratorDepartment Administrator, or a user with a custom role. 
X-Auth-Password (required)The password of Account OwnerAccount AdministratorDepartment Administrator, or a user with a custom role. 
courseIds (required)

The IDs of the courses you want to assign.

learnerIds (required)

The IDs of the learners you want to enroll in the courses.

accessDate (optional)

The date and time when learners are supposed to start studying the course. If the start date and time aren't indicated, the current date and time will be auto-populated.

dueDateType (required)

This parameter indicates whether the course has a due date or it isn't time-limited. Possible values of the parameter are unlimited, default, due_date, due_period.

dueDate (required)

This parameter is required if dueDateType = due_date. 

duePeriod (required)

This parameter is required if dueDateType = due_period. It is measured in hours.



Response Codes

201Successful operationNew enrollments have been created. The response code contains the IDs of the created enrollments.
400Bad RequestA request error.
401UnauthorizedAn authorization error.
403Permission DeniedThe user doesn't have enough permissions to create enrollments.




Sample Request

POST /enrollment https/1.1
X-Auth-Password: 12345Q

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<accessDate>2019-09-26 10:30:00</accessDate>

Sample Response

https/1.1 201 Successful operation
Connection: close
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