August 25, Wednesday 1:00 pm AEST 1 hour

How to Build a Learning Brand

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Vanessa Trower

Training & Development Institute Divisional Council Former President


1 hour



The ‘learning brand’ is becoming increasingly more important for improving engagement, while also improving the learning experience.

Think about the values that your brand provides and the emotions it elicits. How do you make your learning program represent them? What should you do to create the desired learning culture and an emotional connection to learning within the organization?

Join our webinar, where Vanessa Trower, award-winning Learning Professional in Australia and the Asia Pacific, will explain, step by step, how to build a learning brand that’s suitable for corporate goals.

See you at the webinar!

About the presenter

Vanessa Trower

Vanessa served as the Australian Training & Development Institute Divisional Council President and is a multi-award-winning Learning Professional in Australia and the Asia Pacific. This year, a finalist in the Empowered Woman Leadership Awards.

She began her professional career in Human Resources in 2003, transitioning into a Learning and Development Manager, working with large global organizations with +100,000 employees, gaining recognition for her innovative learning strategies, and building a strong learning culture.  In 2018, she founded Perk, while working in the corporate space. Perk sees Vanessa conference speaking, facilitating workshops, and supporting others with creating content.

This year co-founded Ignite Digital Learning Academy, a program to advance careers into Instructional Design and eLearning.

Vanessa's personal story has built humility and resilience in her professional behavior, always offering positive energy, authenticity, and dedication, the key to her success.

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