Migrate from Articulate to iSpring

If you are using an Articulate product and planning to purchase iSpring, we are glad to provide you with a beneficial offer. Take advantage of the iSpring Migration Program.


I Use Articulate. Why Is iSpring Better?

Perfect PowerPoint Support

iSpring flawlessly supports virtually all interactive features of PowerPoint, including animations, triggers and transitions and accurately preserves them after conversion to Flash & HTML5.

Broadest Compatibility

iSpring-created content is compatible with all the popular mobile platforms, operational systems and browsers. Plus we support both 32 and 64-bit MS Office editions.

Flash + HTML5 Combined Format

Create cross-platform content using an innovative Flash + HTML5 format. You materials will perfectly display on any device: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

Tracking without LMS

iSpring QuizMaker makes tracking of learning results possible even without an LMS. You can get your quiz takers' results right to an email or to your server.

Content Protection

Rest assured that your materials are absolutely secure when you put them on the Internet. 4 levels of protection for your Intellectual Property provide the safety of your unique content.

Ease of Use

To start using iSpring you will need little or no training. iSpring simply adds a tab to your PowerPoint ribbon. If you know how to use PowerPoint - you know how to use iSpring!

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Migration Special Offer

Get 50% off of your Articulate product price! Migrate to iSpring!

When you migrate from Articulate to iSpring, you get each iSpring license at half of your Articulate product price. It is applied to any Articulate product that has been bought not earlier than January, 2012.

If you have any questions feel free to contact iSpring Support

Nalin Dubey

 I like iSpring because it is the only PowerPoint conversion tool that creates the high quality slides that I need.

— Nalin Dubey
Rimaz Nazeer

 iSpring is the best, "the best" eLearning software provider available. I have used it on many occasions and it yet never ceases to amaze me. Quizzes are a cup of tea, if you have iSpring with you. iSpring rocks!!

— Rimaz Nazeer