iSpring Upgrade Terms

In October 2015, a new upgrade policy was put into effect. With a purchase of an iSpring license or an upgrade from previous versions (e.g., from iSpring Suite 7 to iSpring Suite 8), you can buy a 1-year Maintenance Plan that includes free major and minor upgrades, plus free expert support by email and phone.

1. Major and minor upgrades

iSpring engineers continuously add new functionality to the current products. Aggregating new enhancements, we release new versions of iSpring products and number them according to the following scheme:

A Major Version is a new significantly enhanced product with qualitative changes in functionality and usability. Major Versions are designated by the first digit of the number that goes after the product name. When a new major version is released, this first digit is increased; for example, iSpring 7.x to iSpring 8.x, where "x" means any Minor Version.

A Minor Version is a smaller software update that improves functionality or adds new features to the product, scaling up the second digit of the version number such as 8.0 or 8.1.

For one year after your purchase of a Maintenance Plan, you get all the new versions for free. For example, if the 9th version is released during this period, your product will be upgraded to it for free. To get free upgrades and support after one year, you need to renew your Maintenance Plan.

2. Expert support

For the duration of a Maintenance Plan you can get guidance from iSpring tech experts via phone or email totally free of charge.

How to upgrade

If you have the previous version of an iSpring product, you can get the latest version at a reduced price. Plus, there are special discounts available for government, educational and non-profit organizations.

By upgrading to the latest version, you’ll automatically get a complimentary 1-year Maintenance Plan for free major and minor upgrades, and free expert support by email and phone.

To check out your upgrade price, please visit the upgrade center

How to renew a Maintenance Plan

To continue getting free upgrades and support after 1 year from the date of purchase, renew your Maintenance Plan or purchase an extended support plan. Note that by renewing your Maintenance Plan prior to its expiration date, you will get a special discount.

The company reserves the right to make changes to the current upgrade policy at any time without prior notice. You can find out about all the changes on the iSpring Upgrade Terms page.