fsplayer.api.IPlayer Interface

iSpring generated Flash presentations contain an embedded player which plays slide animations, transition effects and sounds. This player exposes an ActionScript 2.0 API available to external Flash applications.

The IPlayer interface is provided by Flash presentations generated with iSpring. It exposes the following methods:





Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the player was initialized.
The following methods return an undefined value until the player gets initialized:

  • getPresentationInfo()
  • getPlaybackController()
  • getSoundController()
  • getSettings()


Adds an external listener object implementing the IPlayerListener interface to the player. The passed listener object will receive notifications from the player


Removes the listener object added earlier with addListener() method


Returns the IPresentationPlaybackController interface providing presentation playback control and navigation facilites


Returns the ISoundController interface providing sound volume control facilities


Returns the IPresentationInfo interface providing the presentation content information


Returns an Object storing playback and navigation settings as well as skin related settings (see the remarks section)
This method is mainly used for the custom skins development. In most cases you don't need to use it.


Returns the ISkin interface of the player


An object returned by the getSettings() method contains a set of implementation specific properties. Currently, this object has the following structure:

  • navigation (Object) - the set of navigation properties:
    • keyboard (Object) - keyboard navigation properties:
      • enabled (String) - determines whether keyboard navigation is enabled ("1") or not
    • mouse (Object) - mouse navigation properties
      • enabled (String) - determines whether navigation by mouse clicks on the slide background is enabled ("1")or not
      • target (String) - determines whether the mouse click navigation is performed by slides ("slide") or steps ("step")
  • colorScheme (Object) - color cheme settings:
    • primaryColor (String) - this property is obsolete and must not be used in new skins
  • appearance (Object) - appearance settings:
    • fullScreen (String) - determines whether player window is opened full screen ("1") or not
  • playback (Object) - playback settings:
    • autoStart (String) - determines whether the player starts presentation playback automatically ("1" or undefined) or not
  • webLinks (Object) - the set of external web links related to the presentation:
    • slideAreaLink (Object) - web link related to the slide area
      • href (String) - web page reference, e.g. "http://www.ispringsolutions.com"
      • target (String) - target window, e.g. "_self", "_blank", "_parent" or custom window name
    • presentationEndLink (Object) - web link related to the presentation finish event
      • href (String) - web page reference, e.g. "http://www.ispringsolutions.com
      • target (String) - target window, e.g. "_self", "_blank", "_parent" or custom window name

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