Navigation Panel

Navigation panel has minimum controls and no interactive customization, that's why "Customize" button is disabled. You still can make changes using advanced customization via .XML file.
Navigation Panel Skin

Advanced customization via .XML file

  1. Navigation panel position:
    • to the left/right or in the center of the screen
    • in the bottom or on top of the screen
  2. Margins
  3. Strides
  4. Buttons' size
  5. Advance type

ATTENTION! The features listed above can be customized only by making changes in skin configuration file (.XML file) which is not that easy as it may seem. Before you make any changes, please, note that iSpring gives you NO GUARANTEE that you will receive the desired result if you make any changes other than the ones described in this documentation. iSpring professionals highly recommend you to follow the instructions listed below.

Advanced Navigation Panel customization instructions:

  1. Before you make any changes in the skin configuration file, create a back up copy of the original file.
  2. After you make any changes in the skin configuration file, save your changes and close the file. To apply made changes to the skin of the Player, close PowerPoint. When you open your PowerPoint again you will see your changes.
  3. Don't make too many changes at once. Do your corrections step by step and every time save the changes you've made.
  4. Skin configuration file should be opened with text editor that meets the following program requirements:
    • It should be plain text editor like Notepad that doesn't allow changing text layout. For example, you CAN NOT use Microsoft Word, OpenOfficeWriter, WordPad, etc.
    • Text editor should support text editing in UTF-8 format
    • It will be better if text editor has syntax highlight facilities for XML text.


  1. If the changes you've made to the skin configuration file are incorrect, it may cause problems with the work of this concrete Player skin or the work of the iSpring in general. In this case either restore the file from the back up copy that you made or uninstall iSpring and install it again on your PC.
  2. After installation the newer version of iSpring skin configuration files will be replaced and all of the changes you've made will be lost. To avoid it, please, save the skin configuration file you made changes to and place it to the newer version instead of the existing one. Even in this case we do not provide you guarantee that your file will be compatible with the newer versions.

After reading all of the instructions and notes there is only one question in your head now: "How do I customize the Player features?" The PROCEDURE is described below. Let's start!

Open skin_setting.xml file using Notepad that is placed in iSpring installation directory. By default it is in "C:\Program Files\iSpring\Pro\players\navigation_panel".

Navigation Panel configuration file opening

After you open it, you will be able to make advanced player customization of the following features.

WARNING! Do NOT make any changes in publish_setting.xml file.

Navigation panel position

By default navigation panel is placed in the right bottom corner of the presentation view window, you can always change its position.

  1. It can be placed to the left/right or in the center of the screen
  2. All you need to do is to choose the word "left", "center" or "right" and put it in the appropriate line in skin_settings.xml file. For example, to place navigation panel in the left bottom corner, put the word "Left" to the following line:

      <alignment horizontal="left" vertical="bottom"/>
      <margins horizontal="5" vertical="5"/>
  3. Navigation panel can be placed in the bottom or top of the screen
  4. Navigation panel is placed in the bottom of the screen by default, to put it on top of the screen, all you need to do is change the word "bottom" to "top" like it is shown below:

      <alignment horizontal="right" vertical="top"/>
      <margins horizontal="5" vertical="5"/>


Set desired margin's size in the following line:

  <margins horizontal="5" vertical="5"/>

Strides and buttons' size

Strides and buttons'size can be changed in this line of skin_settings.xml file:

  <buttons width="32" height="33" stride="6"/>

Advance type

Navigation panel puts you to the next slide by default. Sometimes it is very important to go to the next animation by clicking the button. You can do it if you change the word "slide" to "step" in skin_settings.xml file like it is shown below:

  <navigation advanceType="step"/>

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