Why iSpring Learn

A fast way to launch e-Learning in your organization

160,000 learners

Thousands of students study with iSpring Learn worldwide.

10 years on the market

Since 2005, iSpring has been creating top-quality products for e-Learning.

Top-3 LMS for SMB

E-Learning 24/7 analysts listed iSpring Learn in the top 3 LMSs for small-to-medium business.

Integrated powerful authoring tool

Unlike many other LMSs, iSpring Learn is fully integrated with a professional authoring tool, iSpring Suite, which helps quickly develop high-quality content and upload it to iSpring Learn in just one click.

More about iSpring Suite →

Evaluate the effect of e-Learning on your business

The key strength of iSpring Learn is a powerful set of reports covering all the aspects of the learning process. Trace the connection between the expenses on e-Learning and the real results of your employees.

Comprehensive reports

Detailed reports give you full control of your learners’ progress: you can see how much time was spent on a particular slide, the number of attempts, and much more.

Custom reports

There’s no such report you can’t get with iSpring Learn. If you wish to have specific reports, our engineers will be ready to develop them for you.

Truly mobile e-Learning

iSpring provides users with one of the best mobile support in the industry.

Courses on all mobile devices

Courses and tests created with iSpring authoring tools are perfectly played back on all mobile devices.

Adaptive portal

The fully adaptive portals of users and administrators let them access iSpring Learn on any device.

Mobile App

The free mobile app for iPad and Android allows learners to take assigned courses even from offline.

Excellent technical support

iSpring customers get personalized support for free. Highly skilled iSpring support professionals are specially trained to help you. More than 80% of cases are promptly resolved in less than two hours or immediately right over the phone.

iSpring Learn for enterprises

Both small businesses and big enterprises will appreciate the security and flexibility of iSpring Learn LMS.

On-premise installation

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based solution and provided as a subscription to the service. If you company has a strict security policy, we can deploy it on your own network and it will work in the isolated environment.

Server Capacity

Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 students, they’ll be able to use the LMS simultaneously. iSpring Learn hosting provides the unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Flexible Scalability

You can start with the basic subscription plan for a small number of users and easily switch to a bigger plan for more employees at anytime.

Custom Features

At your request iSpring engineers will develop specific features such as custom reports, full rebranding or domain aliases.

World Famous Brands Trust iSpring

In 10 years of seamless work, thousands of businesses have become our clients. More than 160,000 learners from all over the world study with iSpring Learn. iSpring Featured Customers →

Established brands using iSpring

Reviews from our customers

“It is not enough just to buy the product. To provide a great user experience, any product should also be complemented with effective customer support. iSpring certainly has that. The thing I like most about iSpring's Support Team is that they patiently listen to the problem and carefully analyze it before coming up with a solution. Even when the case is resolved, they always follow up with me via email to make sure the issue doesn't recur. Go for iSpring! I can assure you that it will certainly help you make the most out of your business.”

Nalin Dubey, e-Learning Architect, New Delhi, India

“I have been working with the people at iSpring for nearly four years now. Each and every time I have had a question or customer service issue you quickly helped me so I could continue to be productive. Although your products are easy to use and documentation is very thorough, what stands out for me is your customer service. You genuinely care for me, the customer. Your company is a great blend of excellence in heart and mind.”

Andrew Papageorge, Founder GoInnovate!

“iSpring has enabled us to develop lessons which teach complex navigation, meteorology, rules and regulations in a manner which maximizes student engagement and gets results. iSpring Learn provides us with a platform which not only allows the student and instructor to monitor progress but also with a way to sell and deliver our products simply and securely. Most importantly we receive fantastic, timely support from iSpring whenever we need help.”

John Corden,, RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Instructor

“As an expert in pension planning and an amateur in digital publishing, I didn't have any problems with transferring a PowerPoint presentation into a full working html-file. All the links, custom shows and other controls were translated perfectly. Very helpful was the support from the iSpring team, which helped me very much digging deeper into PowerPoint and finding a few new tricks there. That was very much appreciated. ”

Hans-Dieter Stubben, CEO Bundes-Versorgungs-Werk e.V. Hamburg, Germany

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