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Platform for selling courses online

Create your online classroom with iSpring:

Make learning paths, sell them to your learners, collect feedback and track learning performance.

All you need to start is your courses

You can create a learning path from your existing learning content: presentations, videos, SCORM courses, and documents.

With iSpring, you can also quickly develop new assignments and include them in a learning path. For example, these can be courses, quizzes, video lectures, and dialogue simulations.

Full automation of sales

All you need to do is specify the cost of courses and link the payment system you prefer. iSpring automates payment acceptance, opens access to courses, and tracks learners’ performance.

You can easily monitor payments, as sales reports are available in iSpring Learn. Plus, the system automatically notifies you about payments via email.

Full control over the training process

iSpring collects detailed statistics and helps you track how your students learn, from enrollment to final assessment. With 23 types of reports, it’s easy to get clear results online.

Course improvement

Use course analytics and user feedback to review and improve your courses and learning paths.

Overall level of expertise: 87,23%

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iSpring Learn key features

Manage the entire learning process from A to Z

Unlimited storage space

We put no limits on GBs. Upload any number of courses, videos, and presentations, and use as much storage space as you need.

Demo lessons for your students

You can offer some free sample courses from a bundle to enroll more students.

Notifications on sales

Control all payments without even signing in to the system. iSpring notifies you via email when a sale happens.

Mobile apps

Learners can take courses from any device: laptops, tablets, or PCs. And with free mobile apps for iOS and Android, they can learn even with no internet connection.


Host training webinars, lectures, and online meetings right in iSpring. No need to switch to third-party platforms!


Make your courses more engaging. Award points and badges when students complete their tasks, and inspire them to conquer new peaks with ratings.

Course certificates

iSpring can automatically issue certificates when students complete their courses successfully.

White labeling

Align your learning portal with your corporate style. You can pick your color scheme and add your own logo with just a few clicks.

Your own domain

You can link the training portal to your domain so that all lessons appear at your own URL.

Rapid response support team

iSpring support engineers will promptly help you with any product-related questions. To help beginners master the software, they regularly host webinars and create video tutorials.

83% of cases are resolved in 2 hours

Your data is secure

Data security guarantee

Your content and statistics are securely stored on US-located servers. The system creates backups at several data centers simultaneously — and this is just one of the 15 security measures we use.

Smooth functioning

Continuous data protection, built-in monitoring and load balance ensure smooth operation of the platform.

Copyright protection

Training content is securely copy-protected so that your learners will not be able to download courses without your permission.

Compliance with international eLearning standards

iSpring tools support modern eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

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