General Options

The General tab allows you to specify the Flash output of your PowerPoint presentation: title, destination, appearance, Player skin and composition.

Publish Presentation to My Computer

Table 1. Destination Options
Option Description
Presentation title A title for your Flash presentation. It will be displayed in the Player.
Local folder A local folder, FTP server, or email depending on where you want to publish your Flash presentation.
File name A name for the output .swf file.

Table 2. Slide Range Options
Option Description
All slides Select this option if you want to convert the entire presentation into Flash format.
Selected slides This option will allow you to publish only selected slides from your presentation. Select necessary slides from within PowerPoint, then choose the Selected slides option and publish your presentation.

Table 3. Flash Output Options
Option Description
Presentation PowerPoint presentation will be converted into a solid Flash movie or a set of .swf files wrapped in a Flash based Player.
All in one Flash file All slides of a PowerPoint presentation will be converted into a solid Flash movie with all external resources embedded in one .swf file. To view the presentation, run the .swf file in the output folder with the name that you specified while publishing.
Generate HTML iSpring generates a simple HTML web page with the Flash movie that simplifies publishing it on the Web. To view the presentation, run the index.swf file in the output folder.
Generate EXE file If selected, iSpring Suite generates an executable (.exe) file with the Flash output. It can be displayed everywhere, even if you don't have the Flash Player installed. To view the presentation, run the .exe file in the output folder with the name that you specified while publishing.
Full screen playback If this option is enabled, your presentation will occupy the entire screen during playback.
Standalone Flash slides iSpring will generate a set of .swf files. Each slide of your PowerPoint presentation will be converted into a separate Flash movie and no Player is created to control Flash movie playback. This mode can be useful, if you plan to embed a custom player or integrate Flash slides into web pages or your blog.
Zip output Select this checkbox if you want to compress (zip) your Flash presentation.
Note: Flash presentations are always zipped, when publishing to Email.

Table 4. Player Template Options
Option Description

Select a player from the drop-down menu. The best option here is to choose the Streamline or the None (AS3) player. They are marked with bold to indicate that they are based on Action Script 3. But you can also choose to show the legacy AS2 players as the third option. In this case you will get access to the following old players:

Advance Glossy is a new stylish and fully customizable player with support of Multilevel Navigation, Presenter's video, Marker Tools and Multiple Presenters and logos.

Advance Matte is a highly customizable player that allows you to adjust colors of the Player and Marker tools, customize navigation elements and specify your own captions for tabs and buttons.

Classic player wraps your Flash movie into the Player with thumbnails view, outlines view, slide notes view and Presenter info.

Crystal skin allows you to customize the player layout, navigation elements and create unique presentation appearance.

Lite updated provides basic navigation options to control Flash presentation playback and allows to customize a company logo.

None allows you to publish presentation without a visible Player.

Navigation panel supports most commonly used navigation operations to control slide navigation of your Flash presentation.

Navigation + Marker provides you with basic navigation elements and Marker tool with customizable types and colors.

Navigation + Notes provides you with basic navigation elements and Notes.


You can get detailed description of how you can customize the selected player:

Legacy players:


This button gets enabled if the selected player can be customized. Click this button to open the customization window of the selected player.

The Live Preview feature shows how your presentation will look after conversion.