Presentation Explorer

iSpring presentation explorer

The Presentation Explorer is an efficient tool that allows you to set up a presentation structure and slide advance options and add presenters and media resources in a single window. With Presentation Explorer, it's easy to add audio and video narrations or quizzes. You can edit your presentation slide by slide or apply similar settings to a selected group of slides using the Presentation Explorer toolbar or the right-click context menu.

Easily manage your presentation structure and add media

Organizing Your Presentation into a Hierarchy

You can adjust the nesting level of slides to organize multilevel navigation in your presentation with the green arrow buttons to the right of slide thumbnails: Available levels will increase each time you move a slide to a subsequent level. For example, when all slides of your presentation are assigned to the top level (1), you can add only one nested level (2). Once you move any slide to Level 2, you will be able to move the following slides to Level 2 or 3 and so on. Nesting depth of your presentation may reach eight levels. You can collapse and expand nested slides using "-" and "+" icons to the left of a top level slide.

Hiding Slides

You can mark any slide as hidden by double clicking its thumbnail. Hidden slides are not shown in navigation and thumbnails, and they are skipped during presentation playback. Please note that hidden slides still exist in you Flash presentation and can be accessed using hyperlinks or action buttons on the other slides.

Editing Slide Titles

Titles of slides are shown in the Outline tab of Advanced, Crystal and Classic Players. By default, titles are taken from PowerPoint slide titles of the presentation. To change a slide title, double-click it and type a new one. The new titles will be displayed in your Flash presentation navigation, and they can differ from PowerPoint slide titles.

Assigning Presenters to Slides

To assign a Presenter to the selected slide, double-click Presenter's photo/name and select a different one from a drop-down list of available Presenters. By default, a Presenter marked as Default is added to all slides in you presentation. To change a default Presenter, click the Presenters icon on the iSpring toolbar.

Managing Slide Playback Mode

You can set up a slide to advance to the next one automatically after a specified period of time, or require a user to click to advance. To change the slide advance type, click the mouse icon (manual mode) or timer (automatic mode) icon.

Adjusting Slide Duration

You can set timing for automatic slide advance in the text field to the right of the slide advance type. It's also possible to specify duration for a selected group of slides in the corresponding text field on the toolbar. Note: Slide advance time also depends on "Minimal slide duration" that can be specified on the Settings tab of the Publish window.

Adding Quizzes

iSpring Presentation Explorer allows to insert quizzes into PowerPoint slides using quiz editing buttons. Please refer to QuizMaker documentation to learn more about QuizMaker facilities.

As you add objects to a slide, the corresponding icons become active to let you edit a quiz or an presentation.

Adding Interactions

You can insert interactions to your presentation just like quizzes.

Managing Slide Layouts

The new advanced player allows you to set its layout for each slide individually. Indeed, this makes sense -- if you don't have a video narration for one of your slides, why would you want to waste the screen estate on an empty video pane?

When you specify a layout for a slide, you can choose one of three values:

To specify a player layout for a given slide:

  1. Select a slide in the Presentation Explorer.
  2. Choose a layout from the corresponding drop-down menu on the toolbar.


    Double-click the layout icon of a given slide and choose a layout from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you want to change the player layout for several slides, select them while holding down the SHIFT or CTRL keys and then choose their layout from the corresponding drop-down menu on the toolbar.

Adding Presentation Background Audio

Select the checkbox to add a background audio for the entire presentation. iSpring Suite supports .MP3, .WMA and .WAV audio file formats.

To add an audio file, click the "..." button and select an audio track. You can listen to the audio by clicking the speaker icon.

Select the checkbox to loop audio during presentation playback. The audio will be looped if the presentation playback duration is longer than the background audio duration.