Inserting Flash Movies

The 'Insert Flash' feature allows you to easily insert external Flash (.swf) movies into your PowerPoint slides. You can also add Flash movies to Master Slides of your presentation.

Insert flash

To insert a Flash movie, follow these steps:

  1. On the iSpring toolbar, click the Flash button.
  2. Choose a Flash file to be inserted into the presentation. Only the .SWF file format is supported.
    Note: For certain technical reasons, iSpring-created Flash files may not work correctly if inserted into a presentation and then converted to Flash again.
    Note: AS3 Flash files inserted into your presentation won't play, if you publish your presentation with an AS2 player.
    Note: The inserted movie of a later Flash version won't play if a presentation is published to an older version of Flash.
  3. Click the Open button and you will see the first frame of the Flash movie on the selected slide. The inserted Flash movie can be easily resized and moved within the slide.
    Note: For security reasons, PowerPoint 2007 doesn't embed Flash movies into PPT presentations, but creates a link to a Flash file. If you want to access your PowerPoint presentation on another computer, be sure to transfer embedded Flash files as well. The embedded Flash files have to be placed into a folder with an original name or reinserted into the presentation. After conversion to a solid Flash file, all inserted Flash resources will be embedded into your Flash presentation.
    Note: If you have either a big Flash file or many external Flash files inserted into your PPT presentation, we recommend storing them in a separate resource folder r (use the Detach Embedded Flash movies option).