iSpring.as2player.PresentationLoader Class

The PresentationLoader class provide facilities for loading iSpring generated Flash presentation and exposes the following methods:

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
load(movieName, contentParent, movieId, width, height) Creates SWFObject with name specified by movieName and loads the iSpring generated Flash presentation in it. Flash object is placed in the content element with id specified by contentParent. Width, height parameters define dimensions and movieId defines Id of created SWFObject.
onPlayerInit(player: Object) This method is calls after player was initialized. It can be overrided.
getMovie() Returns SWFObject which contains iSpring generated Flash presentation.
getMovieId() Returns identifier of SWFObject element which contains iSpring generated Flash presentation.
unload() Unloads the previously loaded presentation.
Note: It is not recommended to call this method in the presentation event handler - some web browsers (Firefox 3.6 runining on Suse Linux 11.2, for instance) may have issues with this. Workaround: you may use the setTimeout function in the presentation event handler to unload the presentation after the specified period of time.