iSpring.Watermark Interface

The Watermark Interface provides facilities for adding custom watermarks to the generated Flash content

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
Alignment WatermarkAlignment Read/Write WA_LEFT_TOP Alignment is used for adjusting of watermark position within the slide. Note: possible values are: WA_LEFT_TOP = 1, WA_CENTER_TOP = 2, WA_RIGHT_TOP = 3, WA_LEFT_MIDDLE = 4, WA_CENTER_MIDDLE = 5, WA_RIGHT_MIDDLE = 6, WA_LEFT_BOTTOM = 7, WA_CENTER_BOTTOM = 8, WA_RIGHT_BOTTOM = 9
ClickURL string Read/Write   Web page address that will be opened on mouse click
Enabled bool Read/Write false Indicate whether the watermark is enabled
OffsetX int Read/Write 0 Horizontal offset of the watermark
OffsetY bool Read/Write 0 Vertical offset of the watermark
Path string Read/Write   Path to bitmap or SWF file that will be used as watermark
Target string Read/Write _self Browser target window where web page will be opened
Transparency float Read/Write 0.0 Specifies watermark transparency. Possible values are in range 0.0 - 1.0. Note: transparency = 0 indicates that watermark will be fully opaque, transparency = 1.0 indicates that watermark will be fully transparent