iSpring.Slides Interface

The Slides Interface represents a collection of presentation slides.

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
Count int Read only   Returns a number of slides in the presentation
Table 2. Methods
Method Method description
Slide Item(int index) Returns the Slide Interface representing a particular slide in the collection Note: index is 1-based It is a default method the Slides interface, so it can be omitted in some programming languages such as C# or VisualBasic
void SaveThumbnails( string destinationFolder, string filePrefix, ImageFileType format, int width, int height, int quality = 75) Saves slide thumbnails to the specified folder. The quality argument makes sense only for IFT_JPG file type.


The following C# sample illustrates Slides interface usage.

import iSpring;


PresentationConverter pc = new PresentationConverter();
Slides slides = pc.Presentation.Slides;
Slide firstSlide = slides[1];
Slide lastSlide = slides.Item(slides.Count);
slides.SaveThumbnails("C:\\thumbnails", "thumb", ImageFileType.IFT_JPG, 120, 90, 75);