iSpring.Slide Interface

The Slide Interface provides slide information.

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description


string Read/write "" Slide background audio file name
Hidden bool Read only   Indicates whether the slide is hidden
Id int Read only   Slide id
Index int Read only   Slide index within the presentation Note: slide index is zero-based
Notes string Read/write   Slide notes text
Text string Read only   Slide text
Title string Read/write   Slide title
HasPresenter bool Read   Indicates whether the slide has a presenter
Presenter Presenter Read/write   Presenter associated with the slide.
Table 2. Methods
Method Method description
void SaveImage(string fileName, int width, int height, int quality=75)

Saves slide thumbnail to the specified file Note: the following image file types are supported:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • WMF
void RemovePresenter() Removes presenter from the slide