iSpring.Skin Interface

The Skin Interface provides skin information.

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
Alias string Read only   Skin alias. Skin alias is used for compatibility with earlier versions of SDK. See the remarks section for more details
Id string Read only   Skin identifier. Used for skin identification.
Name string Read only   Skin name. User friendly skin name. This name can be used in a skin selection dialog.
PublishSettings PublishSettings Read only   Returns the PublishSettings Interface which represents presentation publish settings
Settings SkinSettings Read only   Returns the SkinSettings Interface which represents skin settings
SwfVersion int Read only   A minimal Adobe Flash Player version required for the skin. Possible values are 7, 8.


Name, Id and Alias properties of the Skin interface can be passed to the following Flash generation methods of the PresentationConverter object:

It is not recommended to specify the same id, name or alias attributes for different skins.