iSpring.Settings Interface

This interface represents conversion settings of the PresentationConverter class. It provides the following properties and methods.

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
AllowDomain string Read/write "*" A name of the domain which Flash files are allowed to access the ActionScript API of the generated Flash presentations. Note: the generated presentation passed the specified domain name to the method.
Appearance AppearanceSettings Read only   Returns an AppearanceSettings Interface providing Flash presentation appearance customization facilities
CpuLimit int Read/write 100 Specifies an approximate CPU usage limit during conversion Note: integer values from 10 to 100 percent are accepted
DisablePrinting bool Read/Write false Disables the "Print..." option in the Adobe Flash player context menu*


bool Read/Write false Indicates whether a standalone Flash player is attached to the generated Flash content allowing playback on windows system with no Flash player or addon installed.
LogFile string Read/write "" The log file path. A log file contains the information about the presentation conversion progress.
Media MediaSettings Read only   Returns a MediaSettings Interface providing multimedia options and compression control facilities
Navigation NavigationSettings Read only   Returns a NavigationSettings Interface providing the Flash presentation navigation settings
Playback PlaybackSettings Read only   Returns a PlaybackSettings Interface providing Flash presentation playback control facilities
RestrictedDomain string Read/write "" The domain name (or names separated by semicolon) where the generated Flash presentation playback is allowed. This property prevents Flash presentation playback on unauthorized domain or local computer. If the RestrictedDomain property is an empty string (a default value), Flash presentations will be generated without any playback restrictions
SwfVersion int Read/write 8 Adobe Flash player version required to play the generated Flash movie
TemporaryFolder string Read/write "" A path to the folder where temporary files will be created during generatrion. Note: temporary files are automatically deleted at the end of the presentation conversion
ZipOutput bool Read/write false A Boolean value indicating whether the generated files are to be compressed
PreserveCompletePresentationInfo bool Read/write true A boolean value indicating that complete presentation info should be included into presentation description file even through it is not used by skin. Complete presentation information is accessible via API if the property value is true.
Protection ProtectionSettings Read   Returns the ProtectionSettings interface provideing copyrights and protection and facilities
Table 2. Methods
Method Method description
void Load(string fileName) Loads the conversion settings from the XML file

void Save(string fileName)

Saves the settings to the XML file


* The DisablePrinting property of the Settings Interfaceis obsolete. Use the DisablePrinting property of the AppearanceSettings interface.