iSpring.Image Interface

The Image interface provides information about picture used as presenter photo or company logo.

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Default value Property description
Width int Read only   Returns image width
Height int Read only   Returns image height
Table 2. Methods
Method Method description
void Export(string path, int width, int height, int jpegQuality); Exports the image to the file with specified path. File format depends on the file extension and can be one of followings: JPG PNG GIF. width and height parameters specify image size. These parameters can be equal to zero. The next cases are possible: width = 0, height = 0. Image will be saved with original size. width = 0, height > 0. width will be calculated using height value and original aspect ratio. height = 0, width > 1. height will be automatically calculated for keeping original aspect ratio for specified width. jpegQuality parameter is used only if JPG file format is specified.