slideplayer.api.ISlideController Interface

The ISlideController interface is exposed by each standalone slide. It provides the following methods.

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
getPlaybackController():IPlaybackController Returns the IPlaybackController interface providing slide playback control facilities
getSoundController():ISoundController Returns the ISoundController interface providing sound volume control facilities
getHyperlinskManager():IHyperlinksManager Returns the IHyperlinksManager interface providing hyperlink action handling facilities
setHyperlinksManager(manager:IHyperlinksManager):Void Sets the new IHyperlinksManager interface which will handle hyperlink actions
getSlideWidth():Number Returns slide width in pixels
getSlideHeight():Number Returns slide height in pixels
getStepsCount():Number Returns number of animation steps on the slide
getAnimationSteps():IAnimationSteps Returns the IAnimationSteps interface providing information about animation steps on the slide


The following example illustrates how to load a flash slide and get its ISlideController interface.

import slideplayer.api.*;"*");

// create a movie clip where slide will be loaded
var slideMC1:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("slide1", 1);

// load slide with name slide1.swf into slideMC1 movie clip
var ml:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
ml.loadClip("slide1.swf", slideMC1);

var g_slideController:ISlideController;

// this function is invoked by MovieClipLoader when the loaded Flash slide is initialized
function onLoadInit(target:MovieClip):Void
    // now we can get ISlideController interface and access its methods
    g_slideController = target.getSlideController();


The following demo illustrates standalone slide loading and playback control via IPlaybackController interface.