slideplayer.api.IPlaybackListener Interface

There are various events occurring during slide playback. The playback controller notifies external objects about these events via IPlaybackListener interface. This interface defines a set of methods which are invoked by playback controller when the corresponding events occur. These methods are as follows.

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
onPausePlayback():Void Invoked when presentation playback is suspended
onStartPlayback():Void Invoked when presentation playback is resumed
onSlidePositionChanged(position:Number):Void Invoked when playback position is changed during playback
onAnimationStepChanged(stepIndex:Number):Void Invoked when slide animation step is changed during playback
onSlidePlaybackFinished():Void This method is called when slide playback was finished.

In order to receive event notifications you need to create a class which implements IPlaybackListener interface and pass the instance of this class to the addListener method of the IPlaybackController interface.