Flash Slide ActionScript API Reference

Each Standalone Flash slide created with iSpring contain a small slide controller. This is a small Flash module which manages synchronous playback of animations and sounds on the slide. It also exposes an ActionScript API providing programmatic access to the slide:

This API is accessible via the getSlideController() function on the root MovieClip of each standalone slide. This function returns the slideplayer.api.ISlideController interface providing an access to the rest interfaces of the generated standalone slide. The Standalone Slide ActionScript API diagram is shown in the following picture:

Figure 1. Standalone Slide ActionScript API diagram

The following table lists all ActionScript interfaces provided by standalone slides. These interfaces reside in slideplayer.api package.

Name Description
IAnimationStep provides the information about animation step timings
IAnimationSteps provides the information about animation steps on the slide
IHyperlinksManager Provides slides with ability to handle hyperlinks to other slides and external web pages
IPlaybackController provides methods for slide playback control
IPlaybackListener Defines a set of methods which are invoked by playback controller when the corresponding events occur
ISlideController Provides an access to the slide core
ISoundController Provides sound control facilities