Flash Presentation ActionScript API Reference

Solid and compound Flash presentations generated with iSpring contain the player exposing an ActionScript API which provides external Flash applications with programmatic access to the Flash presentation:

iSpring generated Flash presentations are able to start playing being loaded from the Internet; this significantly reduces the delay between the beginning of the loading and the first slide playback. As soon as the player core and the first slide data are loaded, the getPlayer() function becomes available on the root MovieClip of the loaded Flash presentation. This function returns the fsplayer.api.IPlayer interface providing an access to the rest interfaces of the Flash presentation. There is the fsplayer.api.CPresentationLoader class which simplifies loading of the the presentation and obtaining its fsplayer.api.IPlayer interface.

Flash Presentation ActionScript API interfaces are shown in the following diagram.

Figure 1. Flash Presentation ActionScript API diagram

The following table lists all interfaces and classes of the Flash Presentation ActionScript API. They are located within fsplayer.api package.

Name Description
ActionType Defines a set of playback action types
CPresentationLoader Simplifies Flash presentation loading and provides access to its IPlayer interface.
IAnimationStep Provides the information about animation step timing
IAnimationSteps Stores a collection of the slide animation steps
ICompanyInfo Provides the information about company
ICompanyLogo Provides the information about company logotype
ICompanyLogoLoadingListener Receives company logo loading event notifications
IKeyboardSettings Allows determining of the playback action which corresponds to the given key combination
IPlaybackAction Provides information about keyboard playback action
IPlaybackListener Receives presentation playback event notifications
IPlayer Provides an access to the presentation playback core
IPlayerListener Receives player initialization event notifications
IPresentationInfo Provides an access to the presentation information
IPresentationPlaybackController Provides presentation navigation and playback control facilities
IPresenterInfo Provides the information about presenter
IPresenterPhoto Provides the information about presenter photo
IPresenterPhotoLoadingListener Receives the presenter photo loading event notifications
IReferenceInfo Provides the information about the particular presentation reference
IReferencesCollection Stores a collection of presentation references
ISlideInfo Provides the information about the particular slide
ISlidesCollection Stores a collection of slides
ISlideThumbnail Provides the information about the particular thumbnail
ISlideThumbnailLoadingListener Receives thumbnail loading event notifications
ISoundController Provides sound control facilities
ISoundListener Receives sound event notifications
IThumbnailsCollection Stores a collection of thumbnails