fsplayer.api.IThumbnailsCollection Interface

The IThumbnailsCollection Interface represents a collection of slide thumbnails. It provides the following methods for retrieving thumbnail dimensions and accessing individual thumbnails.

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
getThumbnail(slideIndex:Number): ISlideThumbnail Returns the ISlideThumbnail interface representing the particular presentation thumbnail within thumbnails collection
getThumbnailWidth():Number Returns thumbnail width in pixels
getThumbnailHeight():Number Returns thumbnail height in pixels
getThumbnailsCount():Number Returns the number of thumbnails in the presentation. Note: The number of thumbnails is the same as the number of slides within the presentation. If the presentation skin doesn't support thumbnails or if the thumbnails were turned off in skin settings, the number of thumbnails is equal to 0


The IThumbnailsCollection interface is mainly used for the development of custom skins supporting thumbnails.