iSpring Presentation structure

Each iSpring generated Flash presentation consists of the following parts.

iSpring presentation structure is shown in the following diagram.

Presentation assets

Presentation assets are various multimedia resources containing within the presentation. When a presentation is a solid Flash movie file, all resources are stored within this file optimized for progressive downloading from the Internet. When a presentation is converted to a set of Flash files with player, each resource is stored in a separate file.

Player core module

Player core is a Flash module which loads presentation assets and controls slide animations effects, transition effects and sounds. Player core is a blackbox providing external Flash files and skin modules with programmatic navigation and playback control via ActionScript API.

In order to load and play presentation slides the core needs a target MovieClip object where slide assets are loaded. Since the location of this MovieClip depends on skin user interface, each skin module exposes the ISkin interface to inform the core about slide assets target movie clip.

Skin module

Skins are Flash modules which main responsibility is providing the player core with the MovieClip where slide assets should be loaded and displayed. Skins also provide viewers with navigation and playback facilities. Skins interacts with the player core via ActionScript API provided by player core.

There is a set of predefined skin modules with iSpring products. Some of them provide simple user interface while other skins provide full featured customizable User Interface.

It is possible to develop a customized skin module using Player Core ActionScript API functionality. You can find more information in the Skin development article.