fsplayer.api.ISlideThumbnail Interface

The ISlideThumbnail interface provides the information about the particular presentation thumbnail and provides method for thumbnail loading into the specified MovieClip.

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
getSlideIndex():Number Returns slide index the thumbnail corresponds to
load(target:MovieClip, [listener:ISlideThumbnailLoadingListener]):Void Loads the thumbnail image into the target MovieClip. When the thumbnail is loaded, the notification will be sent to the passed listener interface. The target parameter is a MovieClip within the skin MovieClip (see the remarks section)


When the presentation is wrapped into a skin which supports thumbnails (Classic, Crystal, Advanced or Lite), iSpring generates thumbnails in one of the following ways:

The ISlideThumbnail interface provides skins with the unified way of internal and external thumbnails loading. Thumbnails are loaded in the proper way by player core. The core also notifies skin when the particular thumbnail is loaded via the ISlideThumbnailLoadingListener Interface.