fsplayer.ui.skins.ISkinUIController Interface

Skin modules may impement the ISkinUIController interface to provide clients with ability to control skin user interface. The following code may be used to determine if a skin supports the ISkinUIController interface:
var player:IPlayer;// the instance of ISkin interface
// ...
var skin:ISkin = player.getSkin();
// verify whether the skin supports ISkinUIController interface
if (skin instanceof ISkinUIController)
    // request ISkinUIController interface
    var skinUIController:ISkinUIController = ISkinUIController(skin);
    // use the obtained interface
Table 1. Methods
Method Description
addUIListener(listener:ISkinUIControllerListener):Void Adds an object implementing ISkinUIControllerListener interface as a listener of the ISkinUIController notifications
removeUIListener(listener:ISkinUIControllerListener):Void Removed a previously added listener from the list of ISkinUIController listners
enableDefaultCloseEventHandler(enableDefaultCloseHandler:Boolean):Void Enables or disables the default handler of the "close" event of the skin
defaultCloseEventHandlerIsEnabled():Boolean Indicates whether the default close event handler is enabled