fsplayer.api.ICompanyLogoLoadingListener Interface

The ICompanyLogoLoadingListener Interface is used to receive the notification that company logo has been loaded. This interface exposes the following methods.

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
onCompanyLogoLoadInit():Void Invoked when the company logo has been loaded

This interface is mainly used for the development of a custom skin displaying company logo. It allows getting a notification that the company logo has been loaded in order to update skin layout at the proper time.

Usually you need to create a class implementing this interface and pass its instance to the load() method of ICompanyLogo interface.


The following example illustrates how to load and place the company logo within target MovieClip.

import fsplayer.api.*;

class MyCompanyLogoPanel implements ICompanyLogoLoadingListener
    private var m_target:MovieClip;
    private var m_logo:MovieClip;

    MyCompanyLogoPanel(target:MovieClip, logo:ICompanyLogo)
        m_target = target;
        m_logo = target.createEmptyMovieClip("logo", target.getNextHighestDepth());

        logo.load(target, this);

    // implementation of ICompanyLogoLoadingListener.onCompanyLogoLoadInit() method
    function onCompanyLogoLoadInit():Void
        // company logo has been loaded. We need to update its position with the target MovieClip

    function centerLogo()
        var logoWidth:Number = m_logo._width;
        var logoHeight:Number = m_logo._height;

        m_logo._x = (m_target._width - logoWidth) / 2;
        m_logo._y = (m_target._height - logoHeight) / 2;