fsplayer.api.CPresentationLoader Class

This class extends the standard MovieClipLoader class available since Adobe Flash Player 7 and simplifies the process of iSpring generated Flash movies loading.

This class is not a part of the ActionScript API provided by generated Flash movies. A source code of this class is included into the fsplayer.api package.

The following methods and properties are provided by the CPresentationLoader class:

Table 1. Methods
Method Description
CPresentationLoader() Class constructor. It is used to create instances of the CPresentationLoader class
setPlayerListener(listener:IPlayerListener):Void This method passes the IPlayerListener interface to the loader. The passed listener object will receive a notification when player is initialized
loadClip(url:String, target:MovieClip):Void This method loads iSpring generated presentation into the specified movie clip
Table 2. Properties
Property Type Description
player IPlayer Returns the reference to the player in loaded Flash presentation
bytesLoaded Number Returns number of loaded bytes of the Flash presentation
bytesTotal Number Returns total number of bytes of the Flash presentation


The following example illustrates the usage of the CPresentationLoader class.

import fsplayer.api.*;

var loader:CPresentationLoader = new CPresentationLoader();

// this object (in our case it is _root MovieClip) will listening to the player

// load generated Flash presentation
loader.loadClip("presentation.swf", presentation);

// this method is invoked when player gets initialized
function onPlayerInit(p:IPlayer):Void
    // add your extra initialization code here