iSpring.as3bridge.SlideInfo Class

The SlideInfo Class provides information about the particular slide of the presentation such as title, duration, text, etc. It exposes the following properties and methods.

Table 1. Properties
Property Type Description
animationSteps AnimationSteps Returns the AnimationSteps class providing the information about slide animation steps
metadataLoaded Boolean Indicates whether slide metadata has been loaded Note: all slide properties except startTime property are undefined until slide metadata is loaded
isLoaded Boolean Indicates whether slide has been loaded Note: it is guaranteed that loaded slide metadata is loaded
title String Slide title
duration Number Slide duration in seconds
notesText String Slide notes text
startTime Number Slide start time within presentation timeline
endTime Number Slide end time within presentation timeline
startStepIndex Number Slide start step index within the presentation
endStepIndex Number Slide end step index within the presentation
slideText String Slide text in the normalized form (see the remarks section)
notesTextNormalized String Slide notes text in the normalized form (see the remarks section)
titleNormalized String Slide title in the normalized form (see the remarks section)

Normalized strings are strings having all characters in the lower case with no extra spaces between words. This simplifies and speeds up full text search implementation.