iSpring.as3bridge.AnimationSteps Class

The AnimationSteps Class provides the information about animation steps on the slide.

Table 1. Properties
Property Type Description
duration Number The total duration of animation steps in seconds. The duration of animation steps is equal to the duration of the slide
stepsCount Number Number of slide animation steps
Table 2. Methods
Method Description
getStep(index:Number):AnimationStep Returns the AnimationStep Class providing the information about animation step timings


Slide animation timeline consists of one or more animation steps. Animation step is a sequence of animation effects playing without mouse click requirement.

Slide background, static shapes, and shapes animated before the first mouse driven animation are playing at the animation step 0. So there is at least 1 animation step in each slide.

Each mouse-driven animation and the subsequent non mouse-driven animations are playing at the separate animation step. In other words, the number of animation steps is equal to number of on-click animations plus 1.


There are 4 animation effects in the following slide. They are represented by 3 animation steps in the generated Flash presentation (click to start animations).

Figure 1. ActionScript 3 <-> iSpring presentation communication