ispring.as2player.IAnimationStep Interface

The IAnimationStep interface provides the information about animation step timings. It exposes the following properties:

Table 1. Properties
Property Type Description
playTime Number Animation step play time (see the remarks section)
pauseTime Number Animation step pause time (see the remarks section)
startTime Number Animation step start time (see the remarks section)
pauseStartTime Number Animation step pause start time (see the remarks section)
pauseEndTime Number Animation step pause end time (see the remarks section)


Each slide consists of one or more animation steps with the following structure.

Figure 1. Animation step structure

An Animation step starts playing at the Step start time. Animations are playing for the Play time. Then, at the Pause start time, animations are suspended for the Pause time period till the Pause end time. Pause time depends on slide timings that were set using "Record narration" or "Rehearse timings" menu of PowerPoint.

stepStartTime0 = 0
pauseStartTimei = stepStartTimei + playTimei
pauseEndTimei = pauseStartTimei + pauseTimei
stepStartTimei+1 = pauseEndTimei

If the slide has no timings (i.e. user has to click slide background to advance mouse-driven animations), Pause time and Pause end time are undefined. In this case returned timings are as follows:

pauseStartTimei = stepStartTimei + playTimei
pauseEndTimei = undefined
stepStartTimei+1 = pauseStartTimei