fsplayer.api.ActionType Class

The ActionType class defines the following action types:

Table 1. Properties
Property Value Type Access Property Value Property description
PLAY_PAUSE String Read only playPause Defines a play/pause action type
NEXT_SLIDE String Read only nextSlide Defines a go to next slide action type
PREVIOUS_SLIDE String Read only previousSlide Defines a go to previous slide action type
FIRST_SLIDE String Read only firstSlide Defines a go to the first slide action type
LAST_SLIDE String Read only lastSlide Defines a go to the last slide action type
LAST_VIEWED_SLIDE String Read only lastViewedSlide Defines a return to the previously viewed slide action type
SLIDE_START String Read only slideStart Defines a go to the beginning of the current slide action type
SLIDE_END String Read only slideEnd Defines a go to the end of the current slide action type
SEEK_FORWARD String Read only seekForward Defines a seek forward action type
SEEK_BACKWARD String Read only seekBackward Defines a seek backward action type
NEXT_STEP String Read only nextStep Defines a go to next step action type
PREVIOUS_STEP String Read only previousStep Defines a go to previous step action type
VOLUME_UP String Read only volumeUp Defines an increase sound volume action type
VOLUME_DOWN String Read only volumeDown Defines a decrease sound volume action type
TOGGLE_FULLSCREEN String Read only toggleFullscreen Defines a toggle fullscreen mode action type