Main Settings

This is where you give a name to your quiz and configure timing and scoring options.

Main Settings

Quiz title

Type your quiz name here

Passing Score

Specify a passing score and select measurement units (points or percentage)

Normalize score to

Select this checkbox and specify the maximum score a user can get for a quiz to track results seamlessly with any LMS. Thus, points earned in the test can be recalculated to comply with your course evaluation system.

Enable time limit

Select this checkbox to set the quiz time limit.

Display remaining time/elapsed time

Select this checkbox to display remaining/elapsed time.

Number of attempts to take the quiz Choose how many attempts your students will have to take the quiz. You can offer a user from 1 to 10 tries to take the quiz, or allow the unlimited quiz attempts. If a user fails your quiz with more than one possible attempt, he or she can retake the quiz with a “Retake Quiz” button.

Ask for user name and e-mail

Clear this checkbox, if you don't want to show the prompt for user name and e-mail when the quiz is started.

It's possible to pass a user name, email, and user ID to a quiz .swf file by adding them to the quiz URL. iSpring quizzes will accept the following variables: username, email, and userid.

For example:


Display cumulative score with each question

Select this checkbox to display the total score with each question

Display question point value

Select this option to display how many points a given question "costs"