Quiz Report Customization

If you have enabled sending quiz results to email or server, you will receive a detailed report every time when a user takes graded quizzes or surveys.

To modify general email settings and specific information about each question type that will be contained within the report, click the Customize button in the Settings -> Result area.

The 'Quiz report customization' settings will open in a new window.

You can add your text into the corresponding fields or insert "specials" - elements that will be replaced with a particular value in the email. For instance, element 'Quiz Title' will be replaced with the name of the quiz taken by a user.

'Specials' are predefined and can be different for each field.

To make a quiz report more informative, you can modify the following details:

Additionally, you can enable the Use quiz taker's name and email if available setting. If it is enabled, completion report will be emailed from the email address and name of a student who has taken the quiz. If the option is disabled, quiz report will be emailed from the email address indicated in the From field.
Note: To make use of the Use quiz taker's name and email if available setting, please make sure that the Ask for user name and email setting has been enabled in the Settings -> Main tab.

After editing report information, you can check email preview in the bottom of the 'Quiz report customization' window.

If you no longer want to use your custom email template and desire to switch back to a default email template, use the Restore default template button in the right upper corner of the window. To restore all templates to default use the Restore default templates button at the bottom of the page.

Finally, you are allowed to export and import customized email templates in .qrt (Quiz Report Template) format. To take advantage of these options, use the Import and Export buttons at the left bottom corner of the window. This feature allows creating a customized template only once and sharing it with your colleagues.